Nov 9 2023

Cassia Cinnamon: The Natural Dietary Supplement for Better Blood Sugar Control

Frederick Holland
Cassia Cinnamon: The Natural Dietary Supplement for Better Blood Sugar Control


Frederick Holland


Nov 9 2023



Exploring the World of Cassia Cinnamon

If done right, blogging can feel like conveying a captivating tale, the one where every word has significance, and where a sustaining thesis shapes the narrative. Let's be honest here, pets: parrot Chuckles and ball python Hypnos, are marvelous listeners but they can't exactly share in my passion for natural dietary supplements; it's rather lost on them being non-human and all. However, they do provide an excellent sounding board as I rave about the awe-inspiring power of Cassia cinnamon. This camphor-smelling spice is not only a culinary wonder, but a remarkable tool for better blood sugar control.

Familiarising Yourself with Cassia Cinnamon

Did you know that there are various kinds of cinnamon? I'm sure most folks would shrug, shake their heads and crumble down a giggle since, for them, it’s all just 'cinnamon'. But the truth is that the cinnamon family welcomes many members, each bearing their unique characteristics. The star of our tale today is none other than Cassia cinnamon. The distinct sweet-spicy flavor of this version, regarded as true cinnamon, is probably the one you had in your last cinnamon roll. Its strong, almost rebellious flavour sets it apart from others. Time to meet Cassia, the rock star of the cinnamon world!

Tracing the Origins of Cassia Cinnamon

Let's transport ourselves to the fragrant fields where cassia cinnamon trees bask in the golden sunlight. My fascination with this spice sparked on a family vacation to Sri Lanka when I was twelve. My mom, an ardent cook, dragged us along to a spice plantation, and there, in the very heart of fragrant fields, my love affair with Cassia cinnamon sprouted. Native to South China, this spice has journeyed far and wide, lacing the palette of humanity with its warm notes. Quite the globetrotter, isn't it?

The Healing Powers of Cassia Cinnamon

Now that we have had our fair introduction with Cassia, it's time to dive deeper into the healing properties it is rumoured to possess. The more science unfurls its wings, the narrower the divide between mythology and fact becomes. You see, traditional Chinese medicine has revered Cassia for centuries. From tackling colds to improving energy, vitality and circulation- the list goes on!

The Link between Cassia Cinnamon and Blood Sugar Control

My interest piqued the day I chanced upon a scientific paper discussing the link between Cassia cinnamon and blood sugar control. Some good ol’ online sleuthing led me to a study where the consumption of Cassia cinnamon reduced fasting blood glucose in humans. And it wasn't some insignificant decrease, we're talking about an impressive 10 to 29%! The fact that a mere spice held such magnificent potential was highly intriguing! Who knew my mom's nondescript spice rack was an arsenal of untapped health benefits?!

Demystifying the Science: How Does it Work?

Let's put on our lab coats and delve into the science-y bit here. Cassia cinnamon works its magic via multiple pathways. It mimics insulin, ramps up the insulin receptors' sensitivity, and even slows down the emptying of your stomach to reduce sharp rises in blood sugar after meals. It's like having an army of sugar-helpers at your disposal. But remember, too much of anything can tip the balance, and the same applies to Cassia cinnamon. It's still important to maintain a balanced diet, exercise routine, and consult a health professional regarding dietary supplements.

Cassia Cinnamon: Now in a Supplement Near You

Moving on to some exciting news, you don’t have to go prowling the aisles of your grocery store to find Cassia cinnamon! Nowadays, Cassia cinnamon is easily available in the form of dietary supplements, bringing the glorious benefits of this ancient spice right at your fingertips. No more sweaty baking sessions to heat your home with the allure of cinnamon; it's all in a simple, easy-to-swallow capsule.

Adding a Sprinkle of Cassia Cinnamon to your Diet

But if you’re anything like me, and enjoy the act of indulging your senses while reaping health benefits, feel free to enjoy Cassia cinnamon in its traditional form. Sprinkle some over a warm bowl of oatmeal, add a stick to your cup of tea or coffee, or simply mix some in your baked goodies. Just remember, moderation is key!

And that, dear readers, has been the story of Cassia cinnamon from my kitchen to yours. While I still can't get Chuckles and Hypnos to appreciate a good cinnamon roll, I hope this exploration into the world of Cassia cinnamon has helped you understand the true potential of this often overlooked spice. Remember, the road to better health is often lined with small but significant decisions, and for me, choosing Cassia cinnamon was one such choice.

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